The following action consensus is understood as mandatory for all actions under the label of „Sand im Getriebe“ during the IAA 2023. The action consensus makes our actions transparent for all participants so they can access the actions they aim to join. All people following this action consensus are warmly invited to participate in our action.

Sand im Getriebe Actions

Our contribution to BlockIAA consists of openly announced actions of civil disobedience.: The car industry will present themselves in their largest show, the International automobile Fair (IAA) from 5th to 10th of September 2023 in Munic, Germany. we will – together with many other people – stand against the car industry. Because the IAA is a big green washing show, while the car industry continues to burn our climate world wide. Our bockades will send a signal of civil disobedience against this destructive industry. Additionally, our actions oppose the inactive (German) policy which actively hinders an ecological and sustainable conversion of our society and thus covers and supports the car industry. We fight determindedly for a good life for everyone: System Change not Climate Change. 

With our actions we aim to give a picture of diversity, creativity and openness. We strive to overcome barriers, thus trying to enable all people to participate in our actions. Whether or not you are already experienced in protesting, everyone should be able to participate.

Please don’t take national flags or party symbols to the action.

Preparation & End of Action

We take care of each other. Everyone decides for themselves how to participate in the action. We prepare well for the actions, e.g. through action trainings or legal workshops at the Mobility Change Camp. We support each other during the action and keep track of the capacities of our support structures as well as of each and every single person. We decide together on the length of the action, right in the action, in close consultation with our support structures. After the action, we jointly postprocess our experiences and face repression collectively.

Forms of Action

Security of the participants is our highest priority during our actions within the scope of BlockIAA. We consider our actions in the tradition of civil disobedience. We are convinced of the need to go one step beyond legal demonstrations to bring about the necessary changes towards a social-ecological society. As part of our actions we will stand with our bodies against the car industry. We can additionally take measures to prolong the blockade after we leave. With our actions we aim to oppose the car industry and their green washing show IAA, but not individual persons, working people or their property. However, we accept short term hindrances of the normal operations.

We will not be stopped by built hurdles, we will flow through or around barriers by police and other security forces. We will behave calm and level-headed. There will be no escalation of the situation coming from us.

In particular the last years have shown that no end of the destructive „Status Quo“ is within sight, despite the large protests. Thus, our protest deliberately crosses the boundaries of legal protest; in view of the urgency of the climate crisis we consider this form of resistance necessary and legitimate. This strategy of public pressure is in a long tradition of lots of brave people in social movements worldwide.

Participation of (small) groups

We are in solidarity with (small) groups outside of Sand im Getriebe, who protest against the IAA with actions outside this action consensus. We are also in solidarity with groups who extend Sand im Getriebe blockades beyond the agreed time or place, with or without other materials than their bodies.

If these groups wish or request support from us, the Sand im Getriebe groups and support structures will decide according to their capacities and in close exchange with the respective groups if and how they can support them.

How we see ourselves

We originate from diverse social movements and political groups. We all define ourselves as part of the climate justice movement. We fight for a social and ecological society and we reject capitalism, neo-colonialism and patriarcal structures. We are in solidarity with all who fight for a climate just world. Within our struggles we aim to anticipate the world we wish to build. Our decision making is basis-democratic and oriented on consensus (rather than majority votes). We try to remove hierarcies. In our struggles we strive to be feminist, anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist and against any form of anti-semitism. We are aware of everyday and structural discrimination, both within our own structures and from outside. We consciously act against these mechanisms wherever we encounter them. We strive to provide those who experience dicrimination with a safe space for exchange and support. Additionally, we strive to improve collective awareness (within and outside our structures) for these discriminating structures and experiences. We strongly reject any tendencies or appropriation attempts by homophob, classistic, ableistic, patriarcic, nationalistic, rassistic, conspiracy ideologic or any other reactionary groups or ideologies.