[Achtung] There are currently more police controls at Munich Central Station and at the Scheidplatz underground station. It might help to say that you are on your way to the Munich Mobility Turnout Camp and thus on your way to a registered assembly. Controls without justified cause are then not legal thanks to the Assembly Act, although the dear Bavarian police usually don't care. Take care, if possible don't travel alone and check the Telegram Ticker https://t.me/blockIAA for the latest information. Telegram Ticker für aktuelle Infos

All information about travel/accommodation can be found on the page of the Mobility Transition Camp Munich, which will take place from September 05-10. If you are planning to come, it is a good idea to check their website regularly beforehand to see if anything has changed (Luckily, they have a good coverage of various languages) .

We recommend arriving Wednesday or Thursday, as the preparation for the action starts on Thursday. Actions will be taking place on Friday and Saturday, followed by the #blockIAA demonstration on Sunday. Sunday evening or Monday might be convenient times to leave.

Security/Repression Risks

During the protests around the IAA 2021 the police was very active. Organized buses were stopped and controlled. People arriving by train who looked like activists were targeted and searched at the train stations. Also, activists were followed by civilian police to find out where they were sleeping.

We invite you to think beforehand about how you want to arrive, what your appearance is and what you want to take with you. We will try to inform you as good as possible about various checkpoints via social media.

You can find more legal help and the identity number generator here.