Action consensus

Action consensus for SAND IM GETRIEBE

“SAND IM GETRIEBE” (“spanner in the works”, lit.: sand in the gear box) is a publicly announced blockade: From September 13th to 15th we will block and disturb the IAA (International Auto Exhibition) in Frankfurt. Our action is directed against an industry that produces ever more CO2 polluters for our streets and takes no responsibility for its criminal actions. However, we also protest against political inaction. Our governments inhibit an ecological and sustainable conversion of our transportation system and therefore support the dirty auto industry.

Our actions stand in the tradition of peaceful civil disobedience. We strongly believe that we have to take one step further to finally bring about the necessary changes for a sustainable way of life. Because of that, we will intentionally break certain rules to point out much greater crimes and grievances. Pressure from below by courageous people is part of a long tradition of social movements around the world. Therefore, our actions consciously exceed legal forms of protests. In light of the urgency of the climate crisis and the collapse of our transport system we believe this infringement to be necessary and legitimate. With our protest we want to raise the pressure on those in power and emphasize the urgency of the transport and climate crisis – until we can no longer be ignored!

Our highest priority during our action is the security of all involved – we do not want to hurt or endanger anyone. Our protest is directed not against individual persons, but against the political- industrial automotive complex. We will peacefully disrupt the IAA using only our bodies. We will not destroy or damage any infrastructure. We will not be stopped by physical obstacles; we will move through or around police barriers or security services. We will remain calm and level-headed and under no circumstances will we escalate the situation or let ourselves be provoked.

We come from different social movements and political spectra. Together, we take responsibility for the success of the action. We want to create a situation that is clear for all participants and in which we take care of and support each other. Whether experienced protester or not, everyone shall be able to take part. Through prior action trainings as well as specific action planning we will prepare for the blockade together. Our protest will convey an image of diversity, creativity and openness – and also the vision of an ecological and fair transition of the transport system which is possible today already.

In our action groups, we take care of one another and actively ensure the wellbeing of all group members. Appreciative and respectful communication with everyone involved and affected is important to us. We act with caution and care, which is why we do not carry out any actions under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We continuously inform ourselves about potential legal consequences of our actions and support every activist who might be legally prosecuted.

Our action will intrude the public sphere and interfere with the everyday plans of uninvolved people. This is not our primary intention, however we accept this in light of the inaction of those politically in charge and the criminal dealings of the auto industry. We believe that disruptive forms of protest are necessary because the ones in compliance with the rules have been ignored for far too long.

We are in solidarity with all people offering resistance against the destruction of our climate and against the auto industry. We believe that as privileged people of the Global North we have a special obligation to organize resistance against destructive industries and policies. We are aware of the fact that few people have the chance to protest in this way. We strongly oppose any attempts to misuse our protest for reactionary, fascist, discriminating or nationalist goals.

This action consensus is the binding framework of our action of civil disobedience. It was developed in a collective process and agreed upon by consensus of everyone involved. Therefore it is very important to us. The action consensus is a precondition for the “SAND IM GETRIEBE” action to be transparent and assessable for all participants. It clarifies that we look out for and support each other in an action involving a large number of people. As “SAND IM GETRIEBE” we say what we do and will do what we say. Everyone consenting to this agreement is welcome to participate in our action.