The action days are at the beginning of September, which means prepare as best you can for everything between warmth and sunshine and cold continuous rain .

Should you be taken into custody, you will usually no longer have access to your belongings in your backpack, only to the clothes you are wearing on your body (for up to 24 hours).

Whether you leave your ID documents at home, take them only for the trip, leave them at the camp or go with them into action is not easy to answer in the Bavarian context this year. Be prepared that people looking like activists with big backpacks and camping stuff will be controlled on the arrival days and it can be difficult to get to the camp without identification documents. We cannot give you a general recommendation on this. Please inform yourself at the legal tent on the camp.

You should have these things with you

for the camp

  • FFP2 masks
  • Covid tests
  • Sleepingbag
  • Isolation matress
  • tent
  • Headtorch
  • Cleaningstuff and towel
  • Dontationmoney für kitchen and camp
  • clothes for all weather
Also please read the packing list from the camp (see their website)

for the direct action

What you should take with you:
  • clothes and shoes for all weather conditions
  • white paintersuit (we can also provide that)
  • not suspicious looking changing clothes
  • sun and rain protection
  • sunglasses
  • watch (if possible)
  • Food and water
  • first aid kit, 1 per affinity group
  • medications you need during the action and for a possible detainment
  • emergency blanket (helps against heat and cold)
  • some cash for snacks, calls or transportation after the action
  • creative action material (banner, decoration)
  • small umbrella with political slogans (if possible)
  • Books, cardgames and other stuff that floats your boat during a long blockade
  • enough ffp2 masks
  • desinfection
  • corona tests
  • pen and paper to write phone numbers and data from detained people
  • wichtige Telefonnummern:
    • EA-Telefonnummer:                          089 448 96 38                   
    • Out-Of-Action-Telefonnummer:    0157 508 367 84                   
    • Demosanis-Telefonnummer:          0152 248 18 313                   
  • your ea number, in case you want to hide your id (watch also the site about legal information)


What to leave at home

  • adress book         
  • calender            
  • keys                 
  • private notes                 
  • private phone
  • drugs, alcohol                 
  • jewelry, cremes that contain fat, contact lenses (pepper spray)
  • everything that could be considered a weapeon                 
  • if you want to hide your id leave home everything that might give people a hint
  • National Flags or symbols of political parties