Greta, the Pope and millions more have realized that the threat of climate catastrophe can only be avoided by immediate and drastic action. But the car industry seems unfazed and still pursues reckless profit above all else. It has thus become one of the principal obstacles on the path to a sustainable future.

The International Auto Exhibition (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, IAA) is the industry’s stage. It is where corporate bosses and ministers meet to cultivate their glittering public image. The bill for their outdated fossil status symbols is paid for by the climate.

This self-adulation at the expense of young and future generations cannot be left unanswered: Instead of ever bigger cars, we want cycle paths and railway lines!

On September 15, we will block the Exhibition in a publicly announced act of civil disobedience. Public space has been taken over by cars, cheered on by politicians. We will take it back: “Sand ins Getriebe” – a spanner in the works of the auto lobby – block IAA!