great that you want to join Sand im Getriebe! Right now we usually communicate in German, since every active member is able to understand it. But if you want to get involved anyways feel warmly invited to write us! Maybe we find a good solution together to participate.


We have a form for our newsletter. Sign up to be informed about activities – this way!

You want to get actively involved?

Our Sand im Getriebe alliance meetings currently take place on a regular basis. You want to get a taste of it? Write to mobi[at]sand-im-getriebe.mobi.

We also have regular onboarding meetings where we give you a short overview about us and our work and show you how you can get involved.

If you live in Berlin, there is also the possibility to visit the local group in Berlin. Please contact us directly at sig-berlin[at]systemli.org (PGP-Key).

Editorial note:

Unfortunately it is not possible to send emails to Hotmail and Outlook due to technical reasons. Please use another mail provider to contact us, otherwise it will be difficult to reply.