Call: Block IAA

The climate crisis is accelerating at breakneck speed: but the car industry is still racing towards runaway global heating at full throttle. The very survival of humanity is threatened by the climate crisis, while the car industry continues to flog greedy gas guzzlers. They carry on as if there were no tomorrow: supported by the government, they will display their outdated, climate & environment-destroying transport system at the International Car Show (Internationale Auto-Ausstellung – IAA) in September.

At the IAA in Frankfurt, the German minister for car sales and the heads of VW, Daimler, BMW & Co will celebrate. No wonder: the car industry is one of the most powerful sectors of the German economy and it’s the foundation of the German export model – with its devastating economic, social and ecological consequences worldwide. We want to expose this show for what it really is: profiting at the expense of the poorest, and of future generations. It’s high time to throw a spanner in the works of the car manufacturers!

Under the slogan “Driving Tomorrow”, the car industry will continue to promote an outdated transport system at the IAA 2019: Bigger, faster, heavier: the motto of unlimited growth – and the same goes for electric engines. The climate, the environment and our quality of life are all getting run over by swanky cars and town tanks – while whole regions are cut off and inaccessible without a car.

The transformation of the transport sector could already be underway: with the expansion of public transport, travel could really get on track. Wide streets and huge car parks could give way to foot- and cycle paths. With free transport in cities, we could have car free town centres – free of dirty air, noise, traffic jams and asphalt deserts. Likewise, climate friendly connections to rural areas could be on course without delay.

We want to change direction, now! It’s no longer enough to just ride bicycles and take the train ourselves. If the government and corporations block change, we must put our bodies in the way of this transport madness. We will go to where the car industry polishes its shiny image and sells its filthy vehicles along with our future. We want to dismantle the car lobby’s power!

“Sand im Getriebe”: Block IAA! – WE’LL CRASH THEIR PARTY!

Enough is enough! On the action days from 13th – 15th September 2019 we will block the IAA in an act of civil disobedience, publicly announced in advance. We’ll sit in front of the entrances and block the destroyers of the climate and environment at the very place where they are presented to us as status symbols. Our action will be a display of diversity, creativity and openness. Everyone can participate, whether experienced protesters or not.


Our planned action steps outside of the law – but we are hereby announcing it openly. We are acting in the tradition of social movements that forced the end of nuclear and coal power and banned GMOs. Besides coal, now it’s traffic’s turn: seeing the inaction of the governments, we are convinced that civil disobedience is necessary and legitimate, to enable climate friendly mobility for all. So come and join us in Frankfurt from the 13th – 15th September and block the IAA!